Essential Oils

The benefits of essential oils go beyond aromatherapy.  We can become healthier and happier through the use of essential oils in our daily lives.  And of course, aromatherapy can enhance your yoga practice.


Let Spirit Dog Yoga lead a workshop or course for your group on the benefits of oils.  Don't forget, our essential oils can be used to enhance the lives of our pets as well.

Using Essential Oils

During her yoga practice, Nancy uses her own special blends to enhance the experience:

  • Prana -- a respiratory blend that opens your sinuses to improve breathing.

  • Asana -- an invigorating blend to energize you during your yoga flow.

  • Shanti -- a peaceful blend to encourage relaxation for shivasana and meditation.

These oils are available for purchase.



All essential oils are high-quality 100% pure, certified organic.


Remember that some citrus essential oils may cause photosensitivity that may result in a pink or red skin rash, blisters, scaly patches, or raised spots on areas directly exposed to the sun. It is best to wait a minimum of six hours before exposing skin to direct sunlight.


Nancy has received advanced training in yoga therapy, AromaTouch certification, as well as Oils for Pets certification.