Spirit Dog Yoga (Nancy Engelhardt) offers holistic therapeutic yoga sessions using postures, breathing exercises, meditation, and essential oils to improve mental and physical health.

Spirit Dog Yoga was founded by Nancy Engelhardt 200 RYT as an expression of her own personal growth through yoga. Nancy originally began practicing yoga nearly 20 years ago in Oregon to recover from loss of range of motion following a serious ankle injury.  She developed a home practice and took classes when available but found her way back to the mat on a regular basis as a way to deal with personal stress and a feeling of being out of balance.


Through mindfulness meditation, aromatherapy and yoga, Nancy discovered the joy and peace of yoga. In 2014 she enrolled in a yoga teaching program with the intent of deepening her own practice but once she taught her first restorative yoga class, she knew she wanted to share the benefits of yoga and essential oils with others.


Since she couldn't keep them off the mat, she began incorporating her dogs into her own yoga practice and discovered the benefits of essential oils for her dogs dealing with anxiety and physical ailments.  It is not a stretch to consider practicing yoga with four-legged fur babies considering so many poses are named after the movements of dogs and other animals.


Nancy has received advanced training in yoga therapy, aromatherapy, and using essential oils with pets.  

Namaste, or for dogis -- Nama-stay!